• I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering at UFMG, a leading Brazilian research uni. I am working on robust data mining, i.e., the development of data mining algorithms that display reliable generalization on unseen data and high tolerance to noisy inputs. As this is an engineering degree, it needs a practical aplication, namely wind speed forecasting.

    My major research interests are artificial general intelligence, evolutionary computing (especially estimation of distribution algorithms and program induction), as well as machine learning and data mining. For my PhD work I am developing a competent program induction algorithm combined with interval methods for bounds analysis of regression and classification models. These topics shall be made less opaque in a series of blog posts ;-).

    Besides wind speed forecasting, I’m also interested in other applications of data mining, especially computational finance (development of trading and portfolio management systems) and bioinformatics (I’ve analyzed genetic mutation and expression data in a number of contexts with my colleagues at Biomind).

    A quasi-complete list of publications is available here.